Fair Trade Recycled Glass Beads

What exactly are fair trade beads? Fair trade beads are beads that are made from developing countries to be sold developed countries such as Europe and USA. They were first introduced by western countries to various developing countries as a means to raise the standards of living for people in these countries. Those individuals that are involved in the manufacture of these beads are making a good living out of fair trade Recycled glass beads.

These beads can be manufactured by making use of different materials depending on the region of manufacture. However, the material that is being used widely is recycled glass. Aside from being a source of livelihood, these beads made out of recycled glass are good way to conserve the environment. Seeing as these trade beads are manufactured using locally available materials and they are manufactures in different regions, it then serves that the fair trade beads will be different depending on the area where they are manufactured. Also because they technology is different and not very sophisticated, it then serves that no two beads will ever be alike and every fair trade bead is unique.

Women in developing countries are the ones that are mostly involved in the making of fair trade Recycled glass beads. They serve as a way of empowering women in these growing economies. These beads made from recycled glass are unique in their shape, texture, color are well as sizes. So if you like to be set apart and unique, then recycled glass trade beads are the accessory for you.

Aside from raising standards of living in developing countries, some advocates of this trade are pushing it solely for commercial purposes. Labor in Africa is cheap and the materials that are used to make the glass beads i.e. glass are readily available in these parts. Also, because of the undying popularity of ornaments made from these beads, it then goes without saying that anyone who is involved in their manufacture and sale is bound to make a lot of money from them.

These beads made out of recycled glass are made into bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and sown into clothes among other uses. Individuals that are involved in the manufacture of these beads will normally get their orders from developed countries or middle men who give specifics of what they would like and the quantities that they require.

So what are the reasons that would inspire one to purchase these fair trade Recycled glass beads? Aside from the obvious reason that you would be empowering women in developing countries that would otherwise not have a source of living, you may also be saving women who would have otherwise opted to settle for other means of making a living like prostitution and early marriages.

Fair trade beads are also of the highest quality possible and they are unique. This is because each bead is handmade and you are therefore assured that no two beads will ever be alike. They are also very beautiful and colorful in representation of the rich African culture and tradition. The prices will also be relatively cheap because of the cheap African labor and the readily available raw materials. So in short, to answer the question as to why you should purchase fair trade glass recycled beads, you get to add unique and beautiful jewelry to your collection while improving the standard of living of a less fortunate human being and conserving the environment. Talk about a bargain deal!

The business of fair trade recycled glass beads is regulated and fairness in this trade is supervised by big organizations such as the Fair Trade Federation and Trans Fair USA.

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