Indonesian Recycled Glass Beads

Indonesian Recycled glass beads, just like the name suggests, are Indonesian beads made from recycled glass. Indonesian Recycled glass beads are handmade and the main source of the recycled glass is emptied colored glass that has been molten and factory shards. Each Indonesian recycled glass bead is hand-bored skillfully and given a ‘beach glass’ finish in an ocean color. This is done to retain the natural, untreated colors of the bottles.

The local name for beads is mani-manik and most of the work is done by native Indo artisans. The glass beads industry in Indonesia is about 1,000 years old, and it dates back to the Majaphit dynasty. Today’s Indonesian beads industry is just a replication of the ancient Majaphit way of beads creation. These beads also borrow heavily from ancient beads from Venice and China. The industry is mostly concentrated in the Java region of the country. With this manufacturing process, there is no addition of chemicals and this is done to make the beads completely ‘green’. There are several countries that produce recycled glass beads this way, but Indonesia is one of the best sources of these beads.

Once the glass is mixed, it is called fritt. The fritt has to be broken into powder form. During the recycling process, the raw material is heated in a kiln to make an elongated glass tube. It has to be heated to a specific temperature under specific conditions to produce the right type of beads. These tubes are put in bucketfuls of sand to cool. To roll and dab the unlike moulds to a smoother shape, a metal perch that has a handled tip made from kaolin clay is used as the heat dielectric. The kaolin clay is mixed with water to prevent binding. The adherent used in the procedure is organic tapioca starch.

Most of the Indonesian recycled glass beads are faceted, but others are cut into cubes having dull corners. Almost all of them are characterized by semitransparent ocean colors.

Due to this manufacturing process, Indonesian recycled glass beads are unusual and colorful. This makes them attractive to many people since no two beads are the same. Originally, these beads were made for the Middle Eastern and the Japanese market, but they are now available across the world.

The internet is the best place to buy these beads since not all mortar and brick stores have them. The internet is also advantageous in that you can order the beads according to your specifications directly from Indonesia. The internet is convenient because you can buy the beads day or night, all year round and because you do not have to leave your home for this. Delivery will be made to your doorsteps. When you buy Indonesian recycled glass beads online, your privacy is guaranteed, meaning you can buy them as gifts. Buying online is cheaper than buying in a mortar and brick store because you get to compare the prices of beads from different online markets and stores. However, you should be weary of the risk of cyber crimes.

When buying Indonesian recycled glass beads, note that there is a risk of being sold beads that are not genuine. To tell Indonesian recycled glass beads from others, you should note that no two beads are the same and so this should guide you in telling the difference between machined beads and handmade beads. The colors of Indonesian recycled glass beads are semitransparent ocean colors and the natural, untreated colors of the original raw material is maintained. You should get expert opinion when buying the beads if possible. You should only buy from credible online stores.

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nick June 21, 2010 at 3:58 am


I am interested in buying your glass beads – i actually dont need the holes just the round small bead – 2-4mm diam


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