Wholesale Recycled Glass Beads

Just like the name suggests, wholesale Recycled glass beads are beads made from recycled glass that are sold wholesale. These beads are usually ordered by large corporations that later sell them in their retail outlets online or offline. Different corporations that place these orders have different clients and so wholesale Recycled glass beads are made according to different specifications.

Most of the companies that order Recycled glass beads are conscious about the environment. They order the beads as a way of protecting the environment because glass is not biodegradable.

Glass was glazed to decorate beads as early as 4000 BC. This was in the Middle East. However, glass was only used for limited applications before the 18th century because it was expensive. It was mostly used for applications such as stained glass windows in cathedrals. Not until the onset of the industrial revolution did glass begin to be used widely.

Today, glass manufacture process is very easy and it is made from soda ash, sand, limestone and several other additives such as iron, cobalt, lead, alumina, boron and chromium. These additives are used to change the thermal properties, to give the glass different colors, and to change the refractive index.

It is possible to recycle glass indefinitely. The process for doing so is simple and you should note that the structure of the glass does not deteriorate with recycling. Wholesale recycled glass beads are made from cullet, which is reclaimed scrap glass. The cullet that bead makers buy has known composition. This is important because different beads need different glass composition to give the desired color and other features.

One advantage of recycling glass is that the energy required for recycling is far less than the energy required to make new glass. With each ton of molten glass, 315kg of CO2 is saved. With recycling, the demand for raw materials is reduced. This prevents the depletion of natural resources and saves them for future generation. It also saves the environment because a lot of carbon dioxide is released in the mining process. With every ton of recycled glass, you save raw material of an equal amount. Recycling reduced the glass that ends up in landfills. Some companies buy recycled glass beads because they are cheaper. This is because it is cheaper to recycle glass than to make new glass.

Wholesale recycled glass beads end up as home decor, as jewelry, as furnishing, or as accessories to garments. There are different types of beads made from recycled glass and these include chevron beads, lampwork beads, furnace milifiory beads, glass cane beads, murano glass beads, millefiori glass beads, Czech fire polish bead, transparent glass beads, powdered glass beads, kiffa glass beads and pressed glass beads, among others. Indonesia is a leader in recycled glass beads production, but they are also made in other countries.

To make a greater difference, you should buy wholesale recycled glass beads that are fair trade. These are recycled glass beads made by poor people, mostly in Africa. When you buy these beads, you will be empowering women in the source country.

When buying wholesale recycled glass beads, you should be careful about people who claim to sell recycled glass beads buy only sell normal beads that have been spray-painted. To make sure that the beads are made from recycled glass, only buy from credible online and offline stores. If possible, have a professional inspect the beads for you. It is important to confirm how genuine the beads are because you will be buying in large quantities and in some cases, it might not be possible to return the beads.

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