African Recycled Glass Beads

Beads have been part of the communities of the world for as long as 40,000 years ago. The Krobo tribe of Ghana in Africa is credited for making of the African Recycled glass beads. These glass beads are then used for trade and for personal usage by this community. There is a special technique that is used to make this glass beads. They are created by compressing glass till it resembles dry grain and then these grain are heated together in high heat temperatures until the pieces form together. The next step is rushing the recycled cast into a porcelain cast.

When making the African recycled trade beads, there are certain specifications that the manufacturer of the beads must adhere to. This technique has been perfected by the Krobo people of Ghana as they are the main source of these beads.
A hole is then made using the stem of a cassava leaf. It is then baked in a furnace which results in the cassava stem burning leaving a hole behind and the glass melting together. This particular technique has been used for centuries in Africa when making Recycled glass beads. However, there have been new techniques that have been employed in the creation of African Recycled glass beads in the last 20 years.  This techniques have caused the African recycled beads to take on a whole new look. Normal beads are now being created using this technique to develop the African glass beads.

Many small businesses in Ghana have come up to get into this market of manufacturing African recycled glass beads. The beads that they make are then used for exporting purposes all around the world. Even traditional bead makers have switched from traditional methods of bead making to this new and more lucrative technique that produces the African recycled glass beads. These beads are suited for all age groups and can be worn as ornaments for the head, neck, hands etc. they are also less expensive because they are made from recycled glass.

Ornaments that are made out of African recycled glass beads are inexpensive and will be an exciting addition to your jewelry collection. They form a great adornment for the hands and the neck regions and can be worn during those special occasions. In recent times, you can go all over the world and will come across people adorning the African recycled glass beads. They have become part of the latest evolving fashion trend and owing to their pocket friendly price, anyone can add them to their wardrobe. They have also become a source of livelihood for millions of Africans especially the Krobo people of Ghana.

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